The purpose of Salem Lutheran Nursery School is to promote healthy emotional and social development among preschool children through cooperative play in an atmosphere of caring and understanding. Our program includes storytelling and reading, arts and crafts, singing and dancing, simple cooking and science projects, clean-up tasks, dress-up and dramatic play, large and small muscle activities, and fun field trips.

The classroom is filled with books, interactive videos, music, puzzles, construction blocks, educational toys, readiness games, and rhythm instruments. Basic pre-kindergarten skills are incorporated through games, stories and worksheets. Our program incorporates exciting hands-on learning experiences to promote the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative development of each child.

The teaching staff believes that education is a lifelong process. While each age carries distinctive developmental aspects of significance, the earliest years are considered most important. From birth to 6 years old, children develop a concept of themselves and of others and patterns of feeling and behaving that will underlie all their later experiences. It is our goal to nurture young children to discover the joys of learning, making new friends and becoming all they can be!